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Hatim Drama Episodes Full 462 traerni




Bantul the Great Movie Hindi Dubbed (Eng Sub) HD External links Official Website Category:Bengali-language television programming in IndiaKnowledge and attitudes about epilepsy and epilepsy-related treatment in preschool children in a metropolitan area. Few data exist on the knowledge and attitudes of parents about their preschool children's epilepsy and related treatment. The purpose of this study was to determine the knowledge and attitudes of parents in a metropolitan area about epilepsy and epilepsy-related treatment. The parents of preschool children with epilepsy (n = 112) in a public hospital were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. In addition to the demographic characteristics of the family, information was collected regarding treatment and diagnosis. Most families (89.5%) of children with epilepsy were knowledgeable about epilepsy and its treatment. Parents reported the doctor as their main source of information on epilepsy and its treatment. Fifty-eight percent of families reported that their children's seizures were controlled by medication. The following factors were significantly associated with the knowledge of epilepsy and its treatment: (1) education of parents on epilepsy; (2) attitudes of parents about the child's seizures; (3) beliefs of parents regarding medication efficacy; and (4) beliefs of parents regarding the reasons for medication. Parents of preschool children with epilepsy in a metropolitan area have a knowledge deficit and are less knowledgeable than parents of children with a chronic medical condition. Educational efforts should be targeted at the population as a whole, not just parents of children with epilepsy., the manta's data is extremely important to keeping the manta population healthy in the future of course we have a lot of the other species and that's why we want to make sure we keep monitoring them and we monitor the ones that are in the whale shark habitat um lastly this is a map of the mexican coastline and there's like some cities in the coastline like manzanillo and los reyes like essentially in the sea and also there are bays and there's like some cayes and there's like there's like some islands in the mexican coastline so this is just a map of where the manta rays can go um so the idea of this website is to have like a hub to find out where the manta rays can go and also keep up with where the manta rays are because not many people know





Hatim Drama Episodes Full 462 traerni

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